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High Schools  & Vocational Schools

Invite Christina to talk to your high school students about the career of illustration! As a Professor in Illustration and the Head of the BFA Illustration program at Montclair State University, Christina can give students information on how to prepare a portfolio for college admissions, as well as offer insight to career opportunities available in the visual arts.


A presentation will include a discussion on different avenues students can take in a creative career which may include professions in publishing, advertising, art licensing, and visual development for film and animation. Students will receive a first hand look at how Christina started her own career as an illustrator, and then learn the life cycle of creating an illustration to publication. Christina will share original artwork, her work process, and finish with a Q&A led by the students.

Contact Christina if you are interested in inviting her to your class to discuss higher education opportunities and career paths in the arts:

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